Urban Wildlife Information Network




Conceptual Overview
Interested in joining UWIN? Refer to this document for an overview of the UWIN study, partners involved, and the benefits associated with being part of this network.

Design Overview
Refer to this document for in-depth explanation of UWIN methodology.

Access Database Guide
This guidebook by Colorado Parks and Wildlife outlines how to use the Access database provided to UWIN partners for data management purposes.

Site Overview Form
Use and adapt this form for recording site information in the field.

Camera Station Field Form
Adapt and use this form to log information associated with each camera set, check, or pull.

Vendor List
Use this form to find example vendors for the equipment associated with a UWIN camera trap study.


How to set up a camera trap

How to create lure pouches

Walkthrough of the UWIN Access database

Resources for UWIN Members

The Urban Wildlife Information Network is transitioning from Microsoft Access to an online database for data management, processing, and analysis. This can only be accessed by UWIN partners.

Urban Wildlife Information Network Online Database

The educational materials repository is available only to members of the Urban Wildlife Information Network. The following link includes lesson plans and activities for ages ranging from elementary school to undergraduate course work.

Urban Wildlife Information Network Educational Materials Repository