Urban Wildlife Information Network

Purpose and Benefits

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Every city is home to wildlife, which means we have vast opportunities to create prosperous habitat for animals while reducing conflict between wildlife and people. However, to understand broader patterns of urban wildlife, we need data from all around the world.  

The Urban Wildlife Information Network (UWIN) is a partnership of researchers who use the wildlife monitoring protocols created at Lincoln Park Zoo’s Urban Wildlife Institute to understand the ecology and behavior of urban species. By comparing data throughout the network, we can understand differences in animal behavior across regions and find patterns that remain consistent around the globe. UWIN works to provide city planners, wildlife managers, and researchers with the tools needed to make cities part of the solution to the biodiversity crisis.

Benefits of Joining the Network

  • Our partners contribute to the largest international study on urban wildlife in existence.

  • Partners have access to data from across the network to use for publication, education, and other research. There is the potential for highly impactful publications given the scale, scope, and novelty of the network.

  • UWIN opens up educational opportunities and avenues for citizen science. As part of UWIN, you will be given access to our archive of UWIN-related lesson plans, syllabi, and other activities for all age ranges.

  • We provide training and assistance with methodology, data management, and statistical analyses.

  • Partners receive increased media attention and visibility for projects.

  • As a member of UWIN, you are part of a network of like-minded colleagues interested in advancing the field.